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 “Platform Impact has transformed me as a person and a leader. It has given me the tools to show up as my authentic whole self. Because of PI, I have implemented empathetic practices in my organization and have shown myself more empathy to learn and unlearn as a leader.” 


- Platform Impact Alum



Are you feeling a call to the next stage of your growth as a leader? An insistent pull to ask honest questions that get to the heart of who you are now, what your deeper purpose is, and how you can make a greater contribution to social change in the world?


Platform Impact is an engaging one-year fellowship for twelve mid-career high-potential, nonprofit and social change leaders of color. A guided space where you do the hard inner work to articulate the truth of your emerging vision, alongside other leaders who will hold you, inspire you, and listen deeply to you.


As a participant within a vibrant yet reflective environment, you will:


  • Discern and clarify the contribution you want to make in the world

  • Reflect on the contributions your personal stories bring to your leadership experience

  • Identify your unique leadership gifts

  • Design your impact, true to your authentic leadership, beliefs, boundaries, authority, and areas of potential influence

  • Learn practices to model and sustain your leadership and create cultures of inclusion, trust, and respect

  • Explore mentorship skills to support the next generation of leaders

  • Thrive in an intimate network of support and respect


The space we will inhabit together is where inward searching and transformation guide outward vision and action. Platform Impact draws on practices from contemplative traditions along with transformative tools for organizational and personal growth.

"The content of the retreats has been transformative. They not only gave names, concepts, and structures to practices that reinforced my leadership approach, but also greatly enhanced my ability to lead with authenticity and empathy in real-time situations. Moreover, the program introduced me to practices, feelings, and concepts I had never encountered before, broadening my leadership and personal growth perspective. The totality of everything shared throughout this fellowship has left me with an immense sense of wholeness, and I am deeply grateful for the profound impact it has had and will continue to have on my journey." - Platform Impact Alum

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This work is supported by the generosity of Angell Foundation.



"Platform Impact's contribution to my leadership is immeasurable. My toolkit to carry out my leadership has been filled. While I was confident that I was a leader, this journey has sharpened my awareness of how to do it authentically to me. I feel like I was naturally empathetic, and this program affirmed that that trait is not a weakness. It is one to be shared with others."


- Platform Impact Alum

"This program has shed light on my evolving role as a mentor in this stage of my career. It has equipped me with the skills and perspectives necessary to help others identify and maximize their own gifts and potential. In essence, the Platform Impact program has not only encouraged me to let go of what holds me back but has also given me the clarity and enthusiasm to embrace my unique strengths and talents. It has amplified my understanding of my role as a mentor, enabling me to empower others to realize their full potential in support of our collective goals."


- Platform Impact Alum

"This program has absolutely developed within me a deep knowing that the legacy I want to leave in my community and world is possible. I can access and elevate my potential in the ways that feel necessary and authentic. I now have a process of discernment as to whether anything that I am saying "yes" to is in service of utilizing my highest potential towards my vision."

- Platform Impact Alum

"...a transformative journey for me in confronting and addressing the biases and self-imposed prejudices that I've carried, particularly those rooted in self-doubt regarding my abilities and experience to achieve success. Platform Impact has provided me with a safe and supportive space to explore and challenge these self-imposed constraints. The program has empowered me with practical tools and strategies to confront and reframe these biases and self-doubts. I've learned to approach challenges with a growth mindset, understanding that my past experiences, even those marked by self-doubt, have contributed to my personal and professional growth."


- Platform Impact Alum



The program includes three in-person and two virtual retreats:


  •  Jan. 29 - Feb. 2, 2024           

  • Apr. 22 - 26, 2024

  • Sep. 23 - 27, 2024                   

  • Dec. 6, 2024 (Virtual)

  • Jan. 17, 2025 (Virtual)


In-person retreats are held at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead, CA, and other sites in California.


Between retreats, participants join monthly 2-hour facilitated leadership peer support calls. Each participant also receives four one-on-one coaching sessions.

The program cost per person is $17,500. The participant’s portion of this fee is $3,000. Partial scholarships are available. We are grateful for our partner Angell Foundation's support! And we appreciate the support of our fiscal sponsor, Commonweal.


Program costs include all lodging, food, and program materials. Participants are responsible for the cost of transportation to and from the retreat venues.

Alex Dorsey, PIatform Impact's founder and program director, is a leadership facilitator and an executive coach serving leaders making a positive change in the world. She brings over 25 years of experience as a nonprofit leader, organizational consultant, and manager of high-profile community revitalization and infrastructure projects. Trained by the Center for Courage & Renewal and the Urban Land Institute at Georgetown University. Alex has been a guest speaker at the University of Southern California, Portland State University, and RAND Corporation, among others.

Hyeon-Ju Rho is an executive coach and leadership facilitator who supports mission-inspired people to make their most meaningful contribution in the world. She believes that our individual journeys to wholeness are essential ground for social change. Prior to starting her coaching practice, Hyeon-Ju led social justice nonprofits in San Francisco and Beijing. She started her career as a public-interest lawyer challenging discrimination and structural poverty. Hyeon-Ju holds a J.D. from New York University Law School and a B.A. from Swarthmore College.

"Beyond essential for nonprofit leaders of color. I wish this program could be mandatory for every leader of color in positions of authority. There are a multitude of reasons why, but I think my biggest takeaway is that you cannot be a transformative leader if you have not done the work to transform yourself from the inside out. The depth of unlearning that needs to happen for every leader but especially for leaders of color can only happen in a space dedicated to that work with others on the same journey."

- Platform Impact Alum

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